Gandhara Art And Culture Association

GACA , Interart channel and Korean cultural association in collaboration with Peshawar museum organized 'Gandhara art' exhibition in Korea. Exhibition held from 29th of June to 30th of September 2017 and supported by Korean embassy in Pakistan and Heritage ministry in Pakistan. People from all works of life visited that exhibition.

The speaker of Pakistan and Korea national assembly were among the prominent people who attended exhibition. The chorus of peace singer of UN also attended exhibition.This exhibition helped greatly in promoting Gandhara art. Through this exhibition we showed the historical background of Gandhara, and were able to send a message of peace. Also for the first time in the world we created 3D hologram of the 'Fasting Buddha' which was seen and appreciated by thousand of people during the exhibition. We feel that this kind of event should be held all of the world in the future. We published three different type of exhibition catalogs , first for students second for general public and third for the scholars


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