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Venerable Monk Speech 2008

As you probably know that Mahayana Buddhism was born this region and traveled to China, Korea and Japan. Traditional culture Korea and Japan is Buddhism culture and this culture was influenced by Gandhara. Buddhism also teaches non-violence and number one commandment of Buddsism is 'Thou shall not kill or harm any living being'. It gives me a lot of pain when I see the current situation this region.

This is great challenge for me but for the sake of the people of Pakistan and also for our sake we have to try to change this image. For people Korea, China and Japan, Gandhara is very popular and I see a great potential for religious tourism we from our side have to try to bring people here large numbers whereas you have to welcome them with open heart this is the only way we can change the image not only that it will also boost the economy of Pakistan. This is gradual process and can not be achieved over night but I feel that we have to make start.

Tourism is very important industry in the world today it is an industry which is friendly environment it causes no pollution and bring in lot of foreign currency.
Considering this great potential Pakistan has to get ready and develop an infrastructure to receive large number of tourist.

The Pakistanis should know that they are in heritors one of the greatest cultural heritage . It gives me great pleasure to be at one of the best locations in this part of the world. It's a place where all the universal energy converges therefore I can say with confidence that if this monastery is restored may be even partially it can be a great tourist attraction. Since I consider this to be very important mission . I want to dedicate rest my life for the development, prosperity and harmony of Gandhara region. So I request the people and Government of Pakistan to make their best effort to achieve this objective.

Venerable Monk Speech 2009

9th April 2009 at Serena hotel Islamabad
Nowadays everybody talks of globalization.But instead there are more and more religious conflicts and racial tensions among people of different races. Actual globalization can only start by opening our minds and understanding each other. Once when we understand each other then we will know about their needs, the problems, they are facing and how we can help and learn from each other. Once we develop an understanding for each other all the problems are solved automatically. The very first thing in life is mind to mind communication. Everything else including the religion is second to that. Although all living creatures are different but they are inter related hence their sum total is one.

Which is essence of Buddhism 'All is one One is all' Gandhara – which is now in Pakistan is the best place in the world for globalization and interfaith although it has a great potential currently it is facing many problems. Then how can we solve these problem and develop it to its maximum potential we should seriously think about it. Gandhara was the hub of all cultures, religions, commercial activities all the major religions of the world co-existed here in a very peaceful and harmonious way. During the time when Gandhara was at its peak a new art form was born and Buddhism movement took place. Today they are called Gandhara Art and Mahayana Buddhism.

The traditional culture in Korea, China and Japan is Buddhism culture and it has its roots in Gandhara. It was Monk Marananta who hailed from Gandhara traveled to China and Korea spreading Buddhism. In Korea where Monk Marananta first set his foot has become a very historical place and tourist resort as they built Gandhara monuments and Maranata statue in his honor.Being Korean Buddhist monk I can only speak from their point of view.And I can say that there is lot of misunderstanding among the Buddhists of Korea about the destruction of Gandhara monasteries and expulsion of Buddhists from Gandhara by Muslims. Also they think that ancient Gandhara monuments are not properly being maintained because they lie in an Islamic country.In fact it was the white Huns who destroyed most Buddhist sites, killed the Buddhist monks and expelled them from Gandhara. It is also known that the Great wall of China was built to protect them from white Huns.

So my friends, first of all this misconception has to be removed. What can we do, I suggest that we should either restore one Gandhara monastery or we should make replica of an existing monastery . The reason being- When Buddhist visit any monastery they like to perform their ritual and they would not do so if the monastery is in ruins and another very important reason is if Pakistan which is an Islamic country restores or builds new Buddhist monastery it will completely change the image of Pakistan not only among the Buddhists but also among rest of the world.Then immediately the Buddhists from all over the world will be attracted to come over here and they will also start to help and support the development of Gandhara.With this inflow of people, the tourism will increase which will boost the economy and will also bring peace and harmony.

Although I am a Korean Buddhist monk, I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to work from my heart in reviving the past glory of this region.I can not achieve this single handedly therefore I beg you especially all my friends in Pakistan to help in realizing these objectives. If the people of Pakistan do not take the initiative then it is very difficult for the outsiders to do anything about it.This is the best place in the world to start interfaith, harmony and has a great tourism potential, our goal should be to make Gandhara the world tourism zone for the Buddhists.

Therefore all the Gandhara projects especially the development of infra structure for tourism should be done from our hearts free from any political or financial gains. Now let us start to work together from the bottom of our hearts through mind to mind communication remove all our differences and become one united force
And bring about Gandhara renaissance
Pakistan Zindabad

요즈음은 모두 세계화를  말하며 세계는 하나라고 합니다
그런데 종교간의 갈등 다른 민족과 인종간의 갈등은 더 심화되고 있습니다
진정한 세계화, 서로가 하나되는 것은 무엇입니까
진정한 세계화는 먼저 서로의 마음을 열고  서로를 이해하는 데서부터 출발해야 합니다
서로를 이해하고 나면 상대방이 무엇이 필요한지 어떤 도움이 필요한지  무엇을
상대방으로부터 배워야 되는지가 알아집니다
그러면 당연히 현재 우리가 안고 있는 모든 문제는 저절로 풀려지게 됩니다
마음과 마음이 먼저 통해야 합니다  종교는 사실 그 다음입니다
모든 건 다양하게 존재하되 하나입니다
불교에서 모두는 하나이고 하나는 모두라고  합니다
우리 모두는 서로 연관되어 있습니다

간다라- 파키스탄은 세계화, 종교화합을 할 수 있는 세계에서 유일한 정말 대단한 잠재력을 지닌 곳입니다  그러면서 현재  많은 문제를 안고 있습니다
당시 간다라가 가장 정점을 이룬 시기는 서로 다른 종교,문화,관습,인종들이 어우러져 조화를 이루었을 때입니다
이 때 새로운 불교예술이 탄생했고 불교혁명이 일어났습니다
바로 이것이 간다라미술이고 대승불교입니다
한국 중국 일본의 전통문화는 불교문화입니다  이 불교문화는 바로 간다라에서
직접 영향을 받았습니다  중국 한국 일본에 대승불교를 전래한 마라난타 스님도 간다라에서 왔습니다 한국에 마라난타 스님이 첫 발을 내디딘 곳은 역사적 장소로 만들어간다라의 사원과 스투파를 지어놓아 많은 사람이 찾는 관광지가 되었습니다

그럼에도 불구하고 제가 한국스님으로서 한국의 불교도들의 관점에서만 말한다면
간다라- 파키스탄을 매우 모르고 있고 잘못된 인식을 하고 있습니다

먼저 대부분의 한국의 불교인들은 간다라의 사원을 이슬람이 들어오면서 다 파괴했다고 믿고 있습니다 그리고 지금도 허술하게 관리되고 있는게 간다라의 사원이 불교사원이기 때문에 무슬림들이 신경을 쓰지 않는다고 여기고 있습니다
사실 간다라의 사원은 기원 5세기경 흉노족이 간다라를  침입하였을 때 사원들을 파괴하고 많은 스님들을 살해하였습니다 바로  이 흉노족 때문에 중국의 만리장성이 세워진 것입니다
우선 이러한 잘못된 생각들을 바꿔 주어야합니다
그런 일의 우선으로서 첫째 간다라의 많은 사원 중 중요한 곳을 하나 골라 복원을
하든지 아니면 그대로 본 딴  간다라의 절을 짓든지 하는 것입니다
그러면 순식간에 우리 불교인들의 관심을 끌 것이고 여기를 오고자 할 것이며
간다라를 부흥시키는데 많은 도움과 지원을 아끼지 않을 것입니다
그러면 자연히 많은 사람들이 찾아오면서 서로를 이해하게 될것이고  관광으로 이어지면서 경제가 발전할 것이고  평화를 찾을 수 있을 것입니다

저는 한국의 스님으로서  내 나머지 인생을 영광스러웠던 지난 간다라를 다시 찾는데  바치기로 하였습니다 그러나 혼자는 할 수 없습니다
모두의 노력이 필요합니다  여러분에게 간곡히 부탁합니다 특별히 파키스탄의
친구들에게 부탁합니다 부디 이 간다라의 대단한 잠재력과 왜 이 일을 해야 하는지를 잘 알고 도와야 합니다
간다라가 파키스탄에 있는데 파키스탄인 자체가 관심을 안 갖는데 어떻게 남이
먼저 무엇을 할 수 있겠습니까
여기는 정말 세계에서 유일한 종교화합과 조화를 이룰 곳으로 대단한 관광발전의 잠재력이 있는 곳입니다
우리가 바라는 것은 여기가 지난 영광스러움을 되찾아 불교도들의 성지는 물론 세계관광지가 되는 것입니다
그러므로 이곳의 관광인프라와 역사적인 장소로 발전시키는 프로젝트는 모든 정치적 이해와 경제적 이익을 떠나서 순수한 마음으로 해야 합니다
여러분 다시 한 번 부탁 드립니다
우리 모두 순수한 마음으로 마음과 마음을 합쳐
서로 다르다는 것을 버리고 하나됨의 힘을 모읍시다
그리고 간다라 르네상스를 일으킵시다
파키스탄 진다바

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