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November 30, 2022

Gandhara art & culture association secretary general Dr Esther Park, held a seminar on the introduction of Mahayana Buddhism from Gandhara Pakistan to Korea at Saffron halal restaurant in Seoul. Saffron restaurant owner is a Pakistani, he sponsored this seminar. Symbolically, chose this place as the meeting place between Islam and Buddhism. Pakistan ambassador, Chinese ambassador and former korean ambassador to Pakistan came and gave a congratulatory speech. Click to View the Picture

October 04, 2018

Korean embassy organized on seminar 'footstep of korean monk Hyecho in Pakistan in the 8th century' at 4th October in Marriott hotel. Dr park gave a presentation at this seminar. GAGA invited artists from korea to hold a ceremony korean traditional cultures. As korean traditional tea ceremony and a ceremony to offer nature incence smell at Qazilbash Imtiaz residence Chak Shazad. Click to View the Picture

August 12, 2018

Gandhara smiling Buddha in Seoul at Artlink gallery. Dr Esther Park curated this exhibition. Click to View the Picture

June 29, 2017 to September 30, 2017

GACA , Interart channel and Korean cultural association in collaboration with Peshawar museum organized 'Gandhara art' exhibition in Korea. Exhibition held from 29th of June to 30th of September 2017 and supported by Korean embassy in Pakistan and Heritage ministry in Pakistan. People from all works of life visited that exhibition Click to View the Picture

December 13, 2016

Pakistan-Korea agreement on exhibition in Seoul Korea. Signed between head of GACA Korea side is a organizer Yang soo Kim and Mohsin Haqqani secretary of Heritage ministry. Click to View the Picture

November 26, 2016

Dr Esther Park gave a lecture on the 26th Nov 2016, organized by KOICA for their Alumni who had either trained or studied in Korea. Title is a "Enhancing Pakistan-Korea cultural heritage cooperation in historical perspective".
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April 30, 2016

Farewell musical evening for Korean ambassador Dr Song jong hwan hosted by Gandhara art and culture association. Dr song mentioned that like korea motorway project gandhara art can be a medium for cultural highway between Korea and Pakistan. Click to View the Picture

October 2015

Seminar on "Gandhara and Korean Buddhist Culture" at Serena hotel, sponsored by Korean Embassy 2nd,October 2015

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October 2014

Buddhist prayer ceremony at Jaulian monastery in Taxila 21st,Oct 2014

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September 2014

Sunita Dwivedi, famous silk road traveller, Researcher and Author Convener GACA India visited to Pakistan on invitation of GACA to further her research on Gandhara and promote Gandhara in India.
Dr. Kyo Soon Park and Sunita Dwivedi vow to promote and bring peace and harmony between Pakistan and India through Gandhara.

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May 31 2014

The City School Network joined hands with Gandhara Art and Culture Association

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Secretary general Dr. Kyo Soon Park got president award 23th Mar 2014 Taghma-e-Khidmat

Secretary general Dr. Kyo Soon Park got president award 23th Mar 2014 Taghma-e-Khidmat

November 25-27 2013

GACA dirctor Prof Dr Iqbal Chawala organized international conference at Punjab university

GACA hosted one dinner to Indian delegation.

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June 26, 2013

Organized photographic exhibition in Seoul and other important cities in Korea

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April 14, 2013

Showing the route monk Maranantha who spread Buddhism in China and Korea took from chota Lahore to Korea

Mayor of Young Gwarg province came to Pakistan to visit Chota Lahore the birth place of Monk Maranantha
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December 18, 2012 December 18, 2012

Lecture on unique heritage in Pakistan
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November, 2012 November, 2012

Visit to Azad Kashmir to identify buddist heritage sites
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27 May - 3rd June 2012 27 May - 3rd June 2012

GACA members and Ministry of tourism KPK invited by National Buddisht Councel for security of Korea
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2012 April - 2012 May 2012 April - 2012 May

Gandhara Peace Deligation 27 April to 3rd may 2012, invited by Ministry of Toruism of KPK
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2011 November 2011 November

Gandhara Renaissance presentation to the media and ambassadors at chief patron's house.
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July 2011 July 2011

photographic exibition "the spirit of Gandhara" in korea

2011 June 2011 June

Gandhara Renaissance presentation at Serena Hotel.

2010 December 2010 December

GACA organized korean painting exhibition in Islamabad.

2010 May 2010 May

GACA participated in international travel and tourism show.

December 2008     December 2008

Arranged audience of senior monk of Korean Buddhism Cheon Tae order with President Zardari. During this audience it was proposed to revive the oldest university in the world at Taxila and restoration of Takth-e-Bhai Monastery, other proposal discussed was "21 Century Peace Caravan" starting from Pakistan traveling through China, North & South Korea and ending in Japan which in fact was the route taken by Monk Maranatha when he spread Buddhism in those countries. This will help the cause of Gandhara by bringing peace and harmony in this region and make Gandhara center of world Buddhism.
Senior Monk was invited by Rotary club to give a lecture on "How we can bring peace and harmony to this region" through interfaith dialogue in Gandhara.

June 2008     June 2008

Presentation on restoration of Takth-e-Bhai Monastry at Marriott Hotel arranged visit of the delegation to the Mohabat Khan Mosque and arranged meeting of Chief Monk with the Imam as a step towards interfaith harmony during the meeting the Imam and Chief Monk exchanged their Rosaries (Tasbis).
Saeed Akhter donated a painting worth 15 Lacks to GACA.

    August 2007

Invited one artist and took 15 paintings for exhibition at international Art Camp in Pyung Taek Korea.

    March 2007

Organized Gandhara week in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism. Invited head monks from Korea, China and Japan to hold Buddhist prayer ceremony for the first time in 1500 years since Buddhism disappeared from this region, at Dharmarajika Stupa in Taxila. Arranged audience with President Musharraf for the entire delegation from Korea, China and Japan. During the audience there was discussion to make Gandhara a Mecca for the Buddhists.

August 2006

Invited two artists from Pakistan and took 20 paintings for exhibition and International Art Camp in Pyung Taek Korea.

November 2005     November 2005

GACA Korea chapter Korean Buddhism cheontea order organized Buddhist prayer ceremony for peace and stability of Pakistan in Seoul Korea and donated $ 30,000/- for the earthquake victims. Our member Saeed Akhtar donated his panting of Buddha to Korean Kwan Mun Sa temple Korea.

    September 2005

Organized the "First International Symposium on Cultural Heritage of Ancient Gandhara", in collaboration with Peshawar University in Swat.

March 2005     March 2005

Had audience with President Musharraf, discussed the importance of Gandhara Monuments why we need to preserve and restore them

January 2005     January 2005

Organized a painting exhibition titled "Art of Korea" in Lahore and Islamabad.

September 2004     September 2004

Organized launching ceremony of Gandhara Art culture association at Avari Hotel Lahore.

    May 24th 2004

Registered Gandhara Art and Culture Association, as a non-profit, non-political organization.

August 2003     August 2003

Organized a painting exhibition of Pakistan artists in Seoul Korea titled "Spirit of Asia".

April 2002     April 2002

Korean artists were invited to paint Gandhara monuments and the scenic valleys of Swat and Hunza by GACA.

March 2002

Invited Korean Buddhism Cheontae order Chief Monk along with other Monks and followers, had press conference about Korean Buddhism and Gandhara, and arranged their meeting with high ranking Government officials.

April 2000 September 2001

GACA members and Government officials were invited to Korea by Korean Buddhism cheontae order to see how Buddhism developed after it was influenced from Gandhara.


Made a documentary film about Maranatha and important Gandhara sites. This film was later shown on Buddhist television in Korea.

June 2001

Brought over 90 Korean Buddhism chogye order Monks, artistes, tour operators and reporters to take part in Tourism Conference organized by PTDC in Hunza.

2000     2000

Established through intensive research that monk Maranantha the founder of Buddhism in China, Korea and Japan was born in Gandhara. Thus opening the door for religious tourism to Pakistan from Korea. Following the announcement Korea developed a resort / holy site in the memory of Marahantha at the place where Maranatha supposedely first arrived namely Bob Sung Po Young Gwang province, they have also erected replicas of the important Gandhara monuments.

    April 2000

GACA invited Governor of Young Gwang province and other officials and took them on a tour around Chota-Lahore (The considered birth place of Monk Maranantha) and other important places in Gandhara and arranged meeting with related Government officials also held press conference and lecture on the historical routes of Maranatha.

July 7th to October 10th 1999     July 7th to October 10th 1999

During first Gandhara Exhibition played major role by delivering lectures in main temples and universities. Published and launched "Hometown of Buddhism in Gandhara" . Co authored by Dr. Min and Dr. Kyo Soon Park.

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